Garment Steaming, Finishing & Reworks Services

At Efficient Services Group, we pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge garment steaming, finishing and reworks solutions to provide value-added services and increase your branding and its reputation.

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Presentation matters! And for the apparel, it matters even more to have them in their best condition, especially when they arrive at the stores to have their final showtime.
While juggling between different roles to keep up with various business tasks, we bring the perfect solution for this concern.

We have you covered whether you require traditional hand pressing, professional garment steaming, or cost-effective high-volume garment finishing services. We have heavily invested in the most-updated model and version of the garment finishing steam tunnel within the region imported from Germany. The machine has exclusive world-class functionality for garment care and brings cost-effective garment finishing to the next level. Our machine can run over 1,200 pcs per hour for large volume garments and as slow as can be for high-end products. The settings are simple and seamless, providing maximum result with minimal input, now that’s high tech!

This garment steaming and finishing is only available at our premises within the region. Call us now to find out more!

On the other hand, looking for the traditional manual garment finishing services? We have a team of skilled, experienced and professional pressers passionate about the result and delivering a superlative experience to our clients. All our garment steaming and finishing processing are completed in-house, reducing your cost and increasing your speed-to-market.
Relying on our expert apparel steaming and finishing services, you’ll be relieved from the pressure and specialised requirements because finding a professional presser and garment finisher today is not easy.

Over 45 years combined experience.

Excelling Distribution and Fulfilment Network.

World-class customer service.

Australian Exclusive VEIT Steam Technology.

Apparel Services and Apparel Reworks

We don’t stop at garment steaming and finishing services, our capacity to resolve complex apparel issues and provide professional apparel reworks enables us to confidently declare “we are the only fashion 3PL that have you covered on all basis!” Over three decades of experience and two generations in operations, we are sure to have the expertise, the competencies, the innovation as well as the knowledge of traditional methods to provide seamless apparel services and apparel reworks, ensuring your problems are solved for good! Whether it will be mould issue, odour issue, quality sortation, batches sortation, re-folding and re-packing, re-ticketing, barcoding, poly-bagging, laundry, repairs and alterations and the list goes on…… we have the right techniques and tricks of the trade to bring your products back to their value and livelihood. Contact us now to find out more!

There is no task too big or too small. All apparel reworks are unique and with our eagle eye, attention to detail, meticulous approaches and passion to make a positive impact, we vow to protect your best interest. Each apparel service we perform is carried out with the mindset of achieving the best result at the highest standards in the most efficient manner for you!

You don’t have to coordinate with different parties to meet your diverse needs; we’ll take full charge. Our cost-effective solutions would not only help you reduce the project costs but would provide added advantages to your brand’s performance and goodwill.


Our Prestigious Portfolio and Experiences:

Our Offerings

We extend complete assistance in the course of fulfilment services. While you are looking for a reliable logistics partner to cater to your diverse needs, we aspire to become better each day to serve you the benefits above and beyond your expectations.

Here’s what you’ll get when you make us your 3PL:

We provide numerous apparel services and apparel reworks, and if you are after a service not listed below it does not mean we do not provide it. Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs:
  • Professional garment steaming and finishing
  • Garment folding and poly-bagging
  • Tags and labels/ barcodes
  • Unpacking and inserting hangers
  • Quality checks
  • Quality Sortation
  • Mould and/or odour issues
  • Alterations and repairs
  • Thread trimming
  • Re-packing
  • Specialised Apparel reworks
  • Specialised Apparel services
  • Kitting and assembling.

Partner with us for Premium Garment Finishing Solutions

If you are looking for a professional garment finishing solution in Australia, look no further. We have arranged our operations in such a way that you’ll get customised services for all your complex business needs. And the best part of the deal is that you would have it within your budget.

We understand every business is unique, and catering to their specific concerns is how we’ve built a legacy where we serve you with the best of everything. We focus on identifying our client’s problems and then provide custom solutions to add value to their business.

Garment Steaming, Finishing & Reworks Services
We perform our duties with utmost dedication and sincerity and aspire to improve our efficiency by putting every possible effort and bringing our actions close to perfection. Whether delivering the orders in perfect condition, ensuring their safety and maintenance by keeping them in a well-suited environment or making accurate and timely dispatch to help you increase your customer base, we strive to put our best foot forward.
We understand the impact of our actions and, therefore, pay attention to every detail to bring out the best of what we do!
Here’s what sets up apart from our competitors:
  • Experienced in handling diverse projects
  • Offering competitive prices
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Advanced and evolved systems and technologies
  • Superior workmanship and quality of services

Values that go along with our every action:



We value transparency above all because we believe it forms the basis of trust.



We perform our services with the utmost dedication and honesty to deliver quality.



We go the extra mile to fulfil our obligations and provide a one-stop-shop solution to you.



We are determined to deliver and fulfil our obligations regardless of how epic and difficult the task may be.



Having the right team is imperative to our success. Our staff understands and practises our core values in each process.

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