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Our exclusive kitting services are second to none, where we assemble your stock-keeping units in the most professional order, helping your business achieve new heights.

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Efficient Services to Propel Your Business Growth

No matter the size and scale of your manufacturing requirements, Efficient Services Group is beside you to care for your business needs.
We are ingrained in our practice of serving our clients with all they require while adding value to their business and providing them with the comfort of relying on us for their kitting and assembly requirements. We believe that a task performed with perfect skill and absolute precision goes a long way in creating the ultimate trust and association with our clients.
Our outstanding workmanship combined with our impeccable process line allows us to provide you matchless services, further inspiring us to strive beyond perfection. We pride ourselves on building an immaculate reputation that sits on the years of hard work and consistency we’ve shown and will continue to practice maintaining our top spot among the industry leaders.

Over 45 years combined experience.

Excelling Distribution and Fulfilment Network.

World-class customer service.

Australian Exclusive VEIT Steam Technology.

How does it Work?

Kitting Services follows a simple sequence of first receiving the order for multiple products required for the Purchase Order.

It then follows the process of collecting the different items and compiling them into the kits. A 3PL ensures that the items are well-packed and organised in a manner that eliminates the chances of any false delivery or improper packing that could potentially harm the integrity of the packed item.

Different stock keeping units are compiled into a single unit and then packed for the final delivery. Generally, items are assembled in the staging area and go through the necessary barcoding process to ensure the proper inventory management.

Kitting services are essential for many businesses and sectors, including cosmetics, toys, homeware, office supplies, jewellery, body care, and education sectors such as books, art supplies and many more. We have the in-depth knowledge, attention to detail and the creativity to design productive assembly lines that are efficient and accurate to deliver a quick turn-around.

Our Prestigious Portfolio and Experiences:

Benefits of Adopting our Kitting and Assembly Services

Why Choose us as your Kitting Service Provider

Now that you know how the process floats, it’s about taking the lead and letting you know how we stand apart from the crowd.

Efficient Services Group is a family-operated company known for its excellence. And if hiring a reliable and professional one-stop-shop provider is your business agenda, we proudly claim to be the best of all, based on our capabilities and competencies.

To further support our claim, we’d say that our workers stand as our biggest strength in attaining the professional standards that we follow in the course of our services. They have been trained like professionals and supported like a family so that they follow an expert approach to make the process infallible from every aspect while protecting your best interests.

Our eagle eye allows us to excel in the provisions of kitting services. Last but not least, we offer a range of solutions to be the one-stop-shop solutions for all your fulfilment needs, so you don’t have to knock on the doors of different service providers to get the full circle job done. Upon completing the kitting services, we can pick and pack according to order quantities using our speedy RF scanning systems and automated dispatch functions. Efficient from A to Z!

Here’s what we deliver in the course of our services:

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Use of Advanced Technology with traditional methods when necessary to make the best possible output during any given time and resources
  • Dedicated, experienced and responsible workers to provide supreme level workmanship
  • Timely and accurate collections of units to deliver 100% accuracy and efficiencies
  • Letting you focus on your core abilities while taking care of the entire warehousing and other specialised requirements, such as Kitting Services providing a one-stop-shop for all your warehousing and distribution needs.

What are Kitting Services, and Why should you opt for them?

If you are serving in fulfilment services, you must already be well-versed with the concept of Kitting Services. It’s about making a special arrangement where different products are bundled into a single package and shipped together. It minimises the cost and increases the profit margin by allowing manufacturers the opportunity to mix and match and have more flexibility to create new variations and options for the consumer without investing in another production line that can be costly and timely.

Assembly is often a concern when a high volume of products is involved. And packing each part of the unit in a separate order and then shipping them to their manufacturer is a task of sheer inconvenience. That is where 3PL makes an entry to bridge the gaps.

An experienced 3PL would assemble the different stock keeping units and orderly place them in a single package to fulfil various demands. Also, apart from simplifying the chain of actions, it saves the warehousing cost by making temporary arrangements accordingly to each scenario.

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