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Slide Ragtrade Solutions One of Trish’s greatest strengths is her ability to understand fashion rework, warehousing, distribution as well as our specific needs. Trish passionately believes in what she does, and it shows in the way she works and the service she delivers. She has always been flexible, accommodating, and willing to go above and beyond, which is exactly what we need as a small business. Trish is a true professional, her attention to detail and exemplary work ethic as well her committed approach to get the job done is a perfect fit for our brand. We are excited and thrilled to continue working with Efficient Fashion Services as they have become an integral part of our business. I am excited & thrilled to see what we will achieve together in the future. Katherine Legudi Director Slide The Locale Group The Locale Group remain highly satisfied with the 3PL service that Trish & her team continue to offer our business. Based upon our company’s experience to date we highly recommend them. Dean Prosser Financial Controller Slide ACF Pty Ltd. Working with Trish Duong and her team we have been able to provide a seamless service to REISS Australia and their customers. Her hands on approach and attention to detail has made the management of REISS Australia supply chain a relatively smooth ride from start up to more mature model some 18 months later. Steve Brogan Branch Manager & National Sales Manager Slide R.E.D We can rest assured knowing that Trish's hands on approach ensures that our requirements are well met. We are extremely pleased with the quality of work they provide and look forward to a long and successful partnership. Albert Omogrosso Warehousing & Logistics Manager

Our Points of Difference

  • We increase your speed to market with our start-of-the-art VEIT technology. Reduce cost, increase quality!
  • Quick and accurate turnaround with our diverse distribution expertise in EDI, B2C and B2B order fulfillment, drop shipping, market place and all other channels.
  • Overseas partners within our distribution and fulfillment network. Decrease your cost and increase your profits, strengthen your supply chain. Call us now!
  • Achieve the greatest accuracies and efficiencies across all supply chain disciplines via our full integration and automation with systems and processes.
  • Web-based dashboard accessible 24/7 with live data on important information for your best business interest.
  • SAME DAY DISPATCH for orders, with precision and care!
  • Work with the best customs brokers, software providers, and logistic companies locally and internationally.
  • Improve your stock control and management with our 24/7 access to inventory via a web-based dashboard at the tip of your thumb.
  • Save thousands on cartage, we are only 14km away from Melbourne Container Port. Call us now!
  • Have a 360-degree view of your stock level, allowing you to understand inventory as a pallet, master carton, Inner or single unit qty’s.
  • We strive to implement new technology and systems, we question the protocols to never stop improving.
  • Huge hardstand area for freight drop-offs and pick-ups, 24/7 surveillance.
  • One-Stop-Shop and customized to your distribution needs.
  • We provide 100% transparency, honesty and integrity. Have the peace of mind you are dealing with the right provider!